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Maginet is a turn-based strategy game where two guilds of mages battle each other. You can play locally (with a friend or against the AI) or online, on a PC or on your phone.

It’s playable at or at its page (I try to keep both versions synchronised).

It’s developed with Rust and uses wasm-bindgen to run on platforms supporting HTML5. Online multiplayer works via polling over HTTP, much simpler for turn-based games!

Its source code is public and available on GitHub.

As a little series on game development with this stack, I will be writing technical articles discussing various aspects of it, such as working with Rust, online multiplayer, and AI for deterministic turn-based games.

  1. DRAFT: Designing Maginet, from chess to Steam

    A more superficial approach...

    2023-11-03 by Evrim Öztamur
  2. Developing Maginet, a cross-platform strategy game with Rust/WebAssembly: From scratch to Steam

    Engines? We don't need engines in Planet HTML5!

    2023-11-03 by Evrim Öztamur